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Usually there is a zip at the front, but this jacket is unique with the zip on the back as its name suggested.

The double zip fastening on the back and the ultimate oil calf, “GUIDI VITELLO FIORE” enable this jacket to adjust to the motion, which is easy to wear.

This jacket designed with V neck and sleeves cut off like a T-shirt.

You can roll up sleeves as we use fasteners without wind flap .

This jacket is breathable due to the sleeves with zip and it suggests a variety of styles.

We use the ultimate fasteners “RACCAGNI”. The mat black color gives a futuristic and luxurious impression.

We made this “Back Zip Jacket” innovative and easy to move by making the pattern concerned the body structure.

The part from shoulder to sleeves is along the neck muscle and it reduces pressure on your neck when you are wearing.

The gusset is caught from the bottom of sleeves to arms and it reduces pressure on your arms when you raise them.

The part from back waist to the hem lines an arc and it fits one’s body just like a skin.

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