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Our newly designed MA-1 Leather Jacket is the second product design from LRB.Using Guidi Vitello Fiore leather, this garment gives you such light comfort, you will not believe that you are wearing leather.

The back features a vesica piscis outline at the center with free-flowing curved seams where the panels meet. In contrast, the front panels are completely smooth, without any seams at all.

This jacket is further unique in that each piece is created completely from a single hide. With that great idea in mind, these jackets are rebellious and playful.

Unlike the original MA-1, all of the pockets are fitted with zippers, employing the finest closures made by Raccagni and provide smooth, stress free functionality.

Both the highly durable heavy black canvas pocket linings, and the thick, durable rib-knit trim on the wrists and the collar are made in Japan and of the highest quality.

The original lining used in each piece is handmade and dyed individually by learned artisans using traditional yuzen dying (Tokyo Yuzen) techniques.

Also, there is a total of four pockets on the back and waist of the lining which are useful for holding hand warmers to warm up in the cold seasons.

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